Wednesday, February 10, 2010

10th February 2010

Ahoyhoy ! :)

Awwwie such a bad start to blogging already its been a week since my first post & i just haven't made the effort to keep it up but .. in this past week so many events occurred like yesterday was me & Steven's 5 months yay ! :) so what did i get him? i made a cake yes big fat chocolate cake .. layered with chocolate icing and bought a big chocolate heart to put on top mm makes me hungry omnomnom ! only 4 more days till Valentines day and .. to be honest i ain't as excited as i thought I'd be .. hmm maybe cause it's Chinese new year on the same day ? who knows..

*sigh ! second rounds came out and .. no more offers really disappointed in myself for getting such a horrible OP but i'm not giving up yet if worse comes to worse there's always ACU :) " jiāyóu! "

Lately i've been so obsessed with guinea pigs aye, they are so cute & fat .. i jst want one :( or even a fat doggy tehe ! oh that remind me, i met Steven's sister the other day & ohmygosh ! she lives in such an amazing house .. feels like a castle ! i'm so envy of her but aye i was really glad i got to meet someone that was related to Steven, it's kinda scary meeting family of lovers .. i just never know what to say and i feel like i'm not what they expected .. kinda freaks me out a little oh wells, i'm Me & Steven loves me for it :D.

Oh yes before i forget there's this most adorable funny video Geoff sent me and i just cant keep it to myself it really makes my day besides for Mr Lam ;) but Check it out here! it's a must see, i thank the girl who posted this & no i do not own this video. :D

I guess this wraps it up for now :) Until next time adios !

Dedicated to Mr Lam & happy 5 months (>^.^)> (L) <(^.^<) !