Wednesday, February 10, 2010

10th February 2010

Ahoyhoy ! :)

Awwwie such a bad start to blogging already its been a week since my first post & i just haven't made the effort to keep it up but .. in this past week so many events occurred like yesterday was me & Steven's 5 months yay ! :) so what did i get him? i made a cake yes big fat chocolate cake .. layered with chocolate icing and bought a big chocolate heart to put on top mm makes me hungry omnomnom ! only 4 more days till Valentines day and .. to be honest i ain't as excited as i thought I'd be .. hmm maybe cause it's Chinese new year on the same day ? who knows..

*sigh ! second rounds came out and .. no more offers really disappointed in myself for getting such a horrible OP but i'm not giving up yet if worse comes to worse there's always ACU :) " jiāyóu! "

Lately i've been so obsessed with guinea pigs aye, they are so cute & fat .. i jst want one :( or even a fat doggy tehe ! oh that remind me, i met Steven's sister the other day & ohmygosh ! she lives in such an amazing house .. feels like a castle ! i'm so envy of her but aye i was really glad i got to meet someone that was related to Steven, it's kinda scary meeting family of lovers .. i just never know what to say and i feel like i'm not what they expected .. kinda freaks me out a little oh wells, i'm Me & Steven loves me for it :D.

Oh yes before i forget there's this most adorable funny video Geoff sent me and i just cant keep it to myself it really makes my day besides for Mr Lam ;) but Check it out here! it's a must see, i thank the girl who posted this & no i do not own this video. :D

I guess this wraps it up for now :) Until next time adios !

Dedicated to Mr Lam & happy 5 months (>^.^)> (L) <(^.^<) !


Sunday, January 31, 2010

31st January 2010

Hmm.. My first blog post where to begin;

Life is way too short if only forever young wasn't just a saying but a choice. Sharing millions of memories while learning everyday through each event, adventure, drama's and many happy or sad moments so why forget them all when i can jot it down and let the world experience those memories with me :) .

Yay so this is my first blog post, my name is Elaine I turning 18 in June :) part asian part european & i am short & my life seems to be a blast right now, seeing as i'm finally going to Uni after 12 years of schooling with teachers standing by my side through every little thing now i'm in the real world, a Freshman.

Signing off now :) Adios amigos

P.S Happy Birthday M ;) Party hard & Love love ‹з